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Discover the benefits of partnering with the Parkinson's Virtual Biotech

We partner with organisations from around the globe to accelerate progress towards new and better treatments. Our flexible approach and in-house expertise make us the ideal partner.

Projects suitable for our portfolio would typically be ready for identification or optimisation of chemical starting points, or have progressed to clinical development.

What we can offer

In addition to funding for your project, a partnership with the Parkinson's Virtual Biotech provides access to specific knowledge pertaining to drug development, pre-clinical testing and clinical trials in the Parkinson's field.

Our team brings together professionals with expertise in drug discovery, medicinal chemistry, biology, pharmacology, and clinical development to support all aspects of your research, and has proven success in meeting the milestones necessary to attract Venture Captial funding. And with access to a wide network of academic and commercial Parkinson's experts and the Parkinson's community, we have the right people at hand to help guide and develop your project. 

If you have a project that fits with our aims and would be interested in learning more about the opportunities for working together, we would be delighted to hear from you.

  • Be aimed at either disease-modifying or symptomatic treatments.

  • Have robust validation of the relevance of the biological pathway to the proposed indication, such as, for example, a genetic link or activity in a suitable cellular/in vivo model.

  • Include either assay formats suitable for a high-throughput screen to identify hits, or chemical starting points for optimisation.

  • Carry potential for generating novel intellectual property.

  • Focus on developing new therapeutics for Parkinson's.

It is likely that a suitable project will meet a number of the following criteria