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The more we raise, the faster we’ll deliver the next life changing treatment

We believe that the Virtual Biotech will deliver a new Parkinson’s treatment in years not decades. That’s why we’ve invested over £13 million into it so far.
Our collective investment is already generating exciting discoveries and advancements. In just 5 years we've grown a diverse portfolio of projects, including 3 clinical trials testing treatments for hallucinations, dyskinesia (involuntary movements) and psychosis in Parkinson’s. 

We need to sustain the funding into our current portfolio to keep the momentum going. And we have many more promising projects primed and ready to take forward. 
We are not trying to address just one challenge but instead find solutions to many difficulties faced by people with Parkinson’s. Through growing the number of projects we fund we are increasing our chances of reaching outcomes sooner.

"We’ve donated to the Parkinson’s Virtual Biotech, because we believe it is innovative and ambitious, and it will result in better treatments and a cure. We care deeply and personally about achieving this quickly.

The model is different and daring, functioning like a commercial biotech, with a single focus: to improve the lives of everyone affected by Parkinson’s. Our family is proud and inspired to be part of it."

Pappudu Sriram and Rajesh Venkataramani

Virtual Biotech supporters

Join us and be part of groundbreaking discoveries in Parkinson's research.


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