Keapstone Therapeutics passes first project milestone

Parkinson’s UK is pleased to announce the release of the next tranche of the £1million funding to Keapstone Therapeutics.

Keapstone Therapeutics was launched in March 2017 by Parkinson’s UK and the University of Sheffield. It is part of Parkinson’s UK’s new Virtual Biotech venture and combines world-leading research from the University with funding and expertise from the charity to help develop revolutionary drugs for Parkinson’s.

Dr Janusz Kulagowski, Drug Discovery Manager at Parkinson’s UK, comments:

“To ensure that Parkinson’s UK funding is used efficiently and productively, the £1,000,000 allocated to Keapstone Therapeutics is subject to regular review. Pre-agreed goals have been installed at regular points in the 16 month funding period to monitor progress. These relate to relevant criteria being met and have recently been evaluated as the project comes to the end of its first 6-month phase. We’re very pleased to report that the project is on track and that it will continue into the next phase of the workplan.”